Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Sandals damaged by fire restored to new

These sandals were damaged in a fire in Lacey, WA when food was left on the stove. The fire damage was extensive, but with SERVPRO of Puyallup/Sumner, the damag... READ MORE

Damaged Designer Shoes with Sentimental Value--Restored Good as New

These designer shoes were damaged in a Puyallup, WA fire as the result of electrical wires shorting out. The owner came to us to ask if we could clean these sho... READ MORE

Ariya Jeans With Fire Damage Look Better with SERVPRO of Puyallup/Sumner's Help

Our client’s white Ariya jeans were covered in soot after a fire, but with the help of SERVPRO of Puyallup/Sumner and the Esporta i S4000, they look good ... READ MORE

Lucky Brand Jeans With Fire Damage Upgraded to Like New Condition

These designer Lucky Brand jeans were covered in soot and ash, but with the help of the SERVPRO Puyallup/Sumner, they look good as new! SERVPRO Puyallup/Sumner ... READ MORE

Fire-Damaged Chanel Handbag Restored to New Condition

This black Chanel handbag was so filthy after a fire, the only had no hope that she could use her bag again. Having been fire damaged with soot and ash, the Esp... READ MORE

Designer Brand Purse: Fire Damaged and Then Cleaned As New

Purse With Fire Damage This Louis Vitton purse was covered in soot after a fire, but with the help of the Esporta i S4000, it looks good as new! In addition to ... READ MORE